South Dakota Dep’t of Game, Fish & Parks v. Troy Township, 2017 SD 50.  The Troy, Valley, and Butler Townships’ respective boards of supervisors vacated portions of several section-line highways in Day County.  The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks appealed these administrative actions to the circuit court, asserting the highways provided access to bodies of water held in trust by the State for the public.  The circuit court affirmed in part and reversed in part, and the Department then appealed to the Supreme Court.  The Department argued that (1) by vacating the highways, the Townships denied public access to a public resources; (2) the highway vacations were not in the public interest; (3) the Townships’ decisions were based on improper motives; (4) the Townships denied the Department due process; and (5) the circuit court incorrectly imposed the burden of proof on the Department.  On appeal, per Chief Justice Gilbertson, the Supreme Court affirmed the circuit court’s decision regarding the Valley and Butler Townships but reversed the circuit court’s decision regarding the Troy Township.