A number of new Supreme Court rules have recently become effective:

  • In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-3-5.1, Rule 17-09. SDCL 16-3-5.1 sets forth the procedure for the enactment of new rules, the amendment or repeal of existing rules or statutes relating to the administration of the courts, the number and composition of circuits and judges assigned to the circuits, pleading, practice, or procedure, or the admission, disbarment, discipline, or reinstatement of attorneys to practice the profession of law as may be adopted by the South Dakota Supreme Court.  The Court’s amendment modifies SDCL 16-3.5.1 to provide that the clerk of the Court shall give thirty days’ notice of an intention to adopt, amend, or repeal rules by electronic mail notification to members of the South Dakota State Bar and by posting notice on the Unified Judicial System’s website or the South Dakota State Bar’s website.  This rule became effective on July 5, 2017, which was the date of filing.

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